Commissioner's Message

Barrackpore City Police

The team of Barrackpore Police Commissionerate is dedicated to keep historic area of Shahid Mangal Pandey under a good governance as visualised by the Government of West Bengal. With a new start of City Policing in the northern fringes of Kolkata, the formation of Police Commissionerate since January 2012 is aimed to provide better services to public in respect of improved sense of safety and security, easy acc...

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  • Structure & Jurisdiction

    The Police commissionerate is situated at Barrackpore and is divided into  Three Zones-(i) North Zone (ii) Central Zone and (iii) South Zone.The commissionerate is responsible for law enforcement over an area of 269.5 sqkm area with fifteen police stations under it.The commissionerate is headed by the Commissioner of Police, who is an Indian Police Service officer. There are one Jt. Commissioner of Police  in charge of North Zone. One Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Central Zone and one Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of South Zone.  

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  • Our Mission & Vision

     In obedience to the Constitution of India Barrackpore Police shall ensure the Rule of Law, enforce the law of the land impartially and firmly without fear or favour and strive to create a fear free environment that is conducive to growth and development. Barrackpore Police will remain committed to maintaining public order, preventing and detecting crime. 

Emergengy Call : 100    |    Control Room : 033-2593-2647 / 033-2545-5030